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Christian rapper Lecrae plants his flag

Rapper Lecrae is a Houston native Photo: Joshua Kissi "And I'm a rapper." Houston references can be found throughout "All Things Work Together"; a reference to the Third Ward here, or Hakeem Olajuwon there. Lecrae Moore was born in Houston in 1979, though his was a peripatetic childhood, with his mother relocating multiple times including to Colorado and California. Still Houston culture left an imprint. "Scarface was a huge influence," he says of the H-town rapper. "And my family is huge, and most of them are in Houston. It's the base, so even when I was living elsewhere, I soaked up that culture." His teenage years were a blur of drugs and drink, but by the time he turned 20 he had given up that lifestyle and found himself in a Bible study. At 25, he made his first album, "Real Talk." At first Lecrae made ripples on the Gospel and Christian charts. He was the right guy making the right music at the right time. A generation raised on hip-hop but not necessarily down with the indulgences associated with the genre found him to be a singular voice. Subsequent albums crept onto the pop charts, while sales jumped into the tens-of-thousands.

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